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Ryan was born in August 2015

Ryan was born in August 2015 after a normal pregnancy and a normal delivery.At the age of two months when his parents went to vaccinate him, the doctor noticed that the muscles in his hands and feet were very contracted. At the age of 10 months, he had an MRI test and the parents received a […]

We are pleased to share a story of a lovely family from Berlin

We are pleased to share a story of a lovely family from Berlin who is in the process with us at First-Step. They first contacted us when their eldest son was almost 19 months old and at that stage could not crawl or sit. the family shared with us that at the age of six […]

Luca was born in Italy in August 2014

After a few months, his parents began to notice a developmental delay and he was diagnosed with hypotonia, after further tests a genetic defect was discovered.The family contacted First-Step after a recommendation from friends in Italy, and Luca underwent a functional diagnosis by Shay Silberbusch in Milano when he was 4 and a half years […]

New workshop Berlin!

New in Berlin!Workshop for parents of children with special developmental difficulties.Speaker: Shai SilberbuschFounder of First-Step methodWhen? February 26th 11:00-12:30Where? Palabra practice groupGustav-Freytag Str. 7 – 10827 Berlin-SchoenebergContact us for more information or on email: [email protected] Every child can learn and achieve a lot with the right support. Shai Silberbusch, founder of First Step Professional School in […]

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How to play with children aged 6 to 9 months

Как играть с детьми в возрасте от 6-х до 9-ти месяцев