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Luca was born in Italy in August 2014

After a few months, his parents began to notice a developmental delay and he was diagnosed with hypotonia, after further tests a genetic defect was discovered.
The family contacted First-Step after a recommendation from friends in Italy, and Luca underwent a functional diagnosis by Shay Silberbusch in Milano when he was 4 and a half years old.
When we met Luca, he had communication difficulties – he could not pronounce syllables clearly, he had difficulty with his motor skills, he did not know how to jump and his running was not organized and more.
His parents said that they want to help Luca overcome his difficulties, they mentioned that they are looking for a method that will help the whole family and said that what they are getting today in physical therapy does not give them the answer they are looking for.
After the meeting in Milano, the family decided to come to Tel Aviv in March 2019 and began an intensive process with the First-Step team.
Since then and for 5 years, the family continues the processes in Tel Aviv and Italy. During COVID we even continued to work on Zoom.
Luca has come a long way and has made a huge progress while the whole family contributed to the processes.
Today he is 9 years old, speaks, rides a bicycle. He is independent, has developed many skills such as: running, jumping, climbing, he uses motor skills to strengthen his body and independence in daily conduct, and does thinking and solving problems.
The family continues the process to this day in order to maximize Luca’s potential.

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