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We are pleased to share a story of a lovely family from Berlin

We are pleased to share a story of a lovely family from Berlin who is in the process with us at First-Step. They first contacted us when their eldest son was almost 19 months old and at that stage could not crawl or sit. the family shared with us that at the age of six months, he was diagnosed with a genetic mutation (Col4A1 ), cerebral hemorrhage, epilepsy, developmental disorder and impaired visual ability.
At the age of 11 months, he was hospitalized in order to find a suitable treatment which has not been found to this day.
They were treated with physiotherapy, occupational therapy and osteopathy and were looking for more options.
The first time we met was when Shai Silberbusch went to Germany to meet them and then they came for an intensive process in Israel.
The goals of the process were to improve the quality and time he lay on his stomach, improving his functionality of both hands, strengthening eye contact and more. In addition to the motor practice, we also emphasized the communicative aspect, connecting him to his environment, creating communication through touch, voice and movement.
Already after the first week the family saw a great improvement. Later, the family also arrived with their nanny who became part of the team and learned how to practice with the child. The family arrived in Israel again a few weeks ago, today he is very connected, understands everything, expresses desire and makes eye contact. We exposed him to new situations and interaction with other children.
We look forward to continuing to work with them and achieve more developmental milestones.

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