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Ryan was born in August 2015

Ryan was born in August 2015 after a normal pregnancy and a normal delivery.
At the age of two months when his parents went to vaccinate him, the doctor noticed that the muscles in his hands and feet were very contracted.
At the age of 10 months, he had an MRI test and the parents received a diagnosis that Ryan has PACHYGYRIA and in addition they found out the he is deaf.
This was a big shock to the parents and at that time Zeynep his mother, was pregnant with her second child.
Since receiving the diagnosis, they began to receive physical therapy, occupational therapy and worked with a speech therapist. At the age of a year and a half, epileptic seizures began and later he also needed eyeglasses.
The family heard about First-Step and our experience in treating and guiding families of children with special needs and rare genetic syndromes from all over the world, and came to Tel Aviv for intensive week of therapy with the help of AEMO- a Swiss association for children with rare diseases.
The goal was to help Ryan achieve stable body control, Zeynep wanted to know if he could sit and stand on his own.
We started working with Ryan in several aspects: a motor, communicative and sensory point of view.
At the end of the week, we could see many improvements and progress in Ryan and Zeynep learned a lot and applies it at home every day.
We continue to be in contact online with the family and are planning the next process together.

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