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Delays at 6–9M

Developmental delays at age 6 – 9 months

Skipping over the stage of tummy crawling (Indian crawling)

At First Step we believe this should be checked. We believe that when this type of crawling does not happen, it reduces the prospects for good coordination between the limbs and the body’s midline. It also injures the connection between the motoric and sensory systems that is generated during contact with the ground (in that kind of crawling, the movement aspect is totally linked to the sensory aspect). So if it does not take place, and the baby moves directly to crawling on his knees or sitting – it’s really important to obtain a diagnosis.

Baby does not roll over yet: he has not gone through an important developmental milestone at the previous stage.

A baby who sits up from lying on his back or in a baby carrier: the significance is that sitting up did not occur in the way that’s correct for the body (that is, standing on hands and knees). Ultimately, it could cause incorrect movement habits, as well as pressure on the vertebrae of the lower back.

Communication problems: the baby doesn’t smile enough, does not create enough eye- and touch-contact with people around him, and is very afraid of strangers.

Exaggerated alarm within space: when the baby is moved or played with – she responds with stress and anxiety.

Exaggerated problems with changes and new situations – the baby responds in extreme fashion to changes in his daily routine or environment.

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