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Training Programs – Testimonials

1. The Value of the studies:

“I am a mother of four and have 20 years experience in the educational system in my Kibbutz, and still, going through the studies, I felt I learned something completely new.”
Zohar Katzir – First Step graduate. Runs a developmental center

2. The value of self fulfillment:

“I decided to open something of my own which I always wanted. I started my own small business. I am really enjoying this…  I deeply connect with the groups, the mothers, I love the babies. Looking back, there is no doubt that the course really changed my life.”
Keren Yaffe, First Step graduate. Runs a developmental center.

3. The value of the self experience:

“What distinguishes the learning experience at ‘First Step” is that it happens across three dimensions: theoretical, experimental and practical.

In order to understand how the baby’s motion develops, we experience this motion on our own bodies.”
Michal Schutland – First Step graduate. provides private lessons for parents and babies in their home enviroment

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How to play with children aged 6 to 9 months

Как играть с детьми в возрасте от 6-х до 9-ти месяцев