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Special Needs

First Step Method

First Step is a one-of-a-kind method applying a different perspective on babies’ development, and the link between development in infancy and later problems in childhood and adolescence.

The basics of the method are:

  1. Motor and sensory development in babies is the infrastructure for fulfilling the baby’s full potential in later years.
  2. From birth to age two, motor and sensory development unfold in stages with their own fixed, systematic nature. Babies need to go through each stage, and to complete every step in each stage. This insures the best development possible.
  3. For proper motor and sensory development, babies need a suitable environment; this includes their parents, their physical conditions, and how people relate to them.
  4. Creating a suitable environment isn’t an easy task in contemporary life.
At First Step, we help you create the right developmental environment (despite modern life!) so your baby develops fully and properly.

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