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Pia Schenk – First Step Instructor – Zürich, Switzerland

I have successfully concluded the training as a first step instructor in October, 2015 .
My interest in the work with children was aroused by my family (my father is a pediatrician and my mother is a midwife).
I have experienced the formation as an enriching and fullfilling work with parents and their babies. Our lifestyle nowadays is pretty far away from natural behaviour of growing children. 
First Step offers a method how to help babies developing and growing up in a natural way in our modern world.
I instruct how parents can learn to have secure and trusted dealing with their babies. I guide the parents to handle with the changes occuring after giving birth to the baby.
The privat lessons are offered in English or German.

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How to play with children aged 6 to 9 months

Как играть с детьми в возрасте от 6-х до 9-ти месяцев