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First Step

Alicia – Born May 2007, in Lausanne, Switzerland – Sturge-Weber

Alicia was born with Sturge-Weber syndrome – which appears in the central
nervous system, a facial birthmark, and partial deafness.
Alicia was hospitalised at a very young age, and underwent several surgical procedures.
Because of her symptoms and prolonged stays in hospital, Alicia had various delays – development, motoric, communication, and language. After two intensive processes, at age three Alicia started walking without assistance for the first time. Today she is an independent little girl who talks, writes and attends a regular school twice a week.


“Until we got to know First Step, all the

therapists told us what Alicia was unable

to do. At First Step, we heard what she can

do, and we received tools and training for

working with her at home, as well. It was the

central change that took us to these wonderful


Bouchra and Ibrahim Murseli

Watch the video with the story of Alicia

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