First Step

First Step

Lias – Born February 2011 in Dietlikon, Switzerland – Cerebral Palsy

Lias, a boy from Switzerland who’s almost 5, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy and low muscle tone.
With the support of the KMSK association, the family started the First-Step therapeutic process in Switzerland and later came to Tel Aviv.
Lias is now able to sit and hold himself, he is more present and responsive, and play functional games. The parents obtained information, tools, training, and support.

Conny – Lias’s mother syas: “We are very happy that we started with First Step. Lias did a lot of progress since then. We got perfect instructions from the therapists on how to do the exercises with him at home. This helps a lot to achieve further improvements and to strenghten his muscles. And the best is, Lias loves to do these exercises!”



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