Kaye Llewelyn – First Step Instructor – Rüschlikon, Switzerland

When I listened over the years to where my friends and colleagues complimented me, often it was about how much ease I had with my children.

I did have a kindergarten teacher, ‘a natural’ with children as a mother, and a pediatric surgeon as a dad; maybe it was in the blood. I also had these gorgeous neighbours who let my sister and I as schoolgirls, hands on, in on their whole new baby experience. As they say – “It takes a village”.

So many mothers (and fathers) these days are far from home when they become new parents. They’re not close with their neighbours and it’s been a long time, if ever, that they’ve been near a baby. It had been a long time for me. I remember well that exhausted moment just after my first baby was born, when I thought ‘ah, it’s over, now I can sleep’ . . .and then he woke up for his first feed. No, it was just beginning.

I know how hard it feels when you just don’t know what they need, how overloaded you can feel with so much information, advice and knowledge when really you just want to know.

With my second baby, of course it was much easier. Now with the extra knowing I have from First Step I want to help others to feel as confident with their first baby as they would if it was their third!

My background? I’ve done many things, professional surfer, artist, teacher, coach. When I look at all of them, the connection is about always finding the best environment to encourage exploration and growth.

The best thing about First Step is, it’s all that, and more, it’s also a place where new friendships are born.

As an Australian living in Switzerland, my workshops are in English.
To book a private session, organize a group, presentation, or workshop – just call.

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