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Giorgia – Born September 2015, in Rimini, Italy – Wolf-Hirschhorn

Giorgia was born on September 2015 in Rimini – Italy

Her developmental growth was slow than normal and at the age of 5 moths she was diagnosed with Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome.

Until the age of 9 months she hardly moved, she spent a long time on the trampoline, or on her parents hands. Twice a week she received a physiotherapy treatment.

When she was one year old her parents read an article about a child from Milan who was diagnosed with the same Syndrome and was successfully treated at First Step Centre in Tel Aviv.

The family made an immediate contact with First-Step and arrived for an intensive therapy in Tel Aviv. When we met her she didn’t reach out her hands towards objects and didn’t hold them.

Following the first therapy which took place in Tel Aviv, our professional Instructors arrived to Italy to implement the therapy program at the family’s house.

During the processes, we worked with Giorgia on the development stages, improving laying on her bally, lifting her head and improving her eye contact – exactly like a normal baby.

The parents went through a daily program therapy based on First-Step’s instructions and methods with Giorgia and last week they arrived for another therapy in Tel Aviv.

We are all so excited to share that for the first time in her life, when she is 3 years old – Giorgia has started to crawl!

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