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First Step

Benedikt – Born June 2011 in Adliswil, Switzerland – Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome.

Benedikt from Switzerland was born with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. When Benedikt was 2 years old, the family has started a therapy with First Step method. Since then – Beni continues to improve. With the support of AEMO association, the family arrived to their 4th therapeutic process in Tel Aviv, where we focused on the standing function, improving his balance reflexes and communication aspects.
Beni enjoyed the lessons especially the surfing ones  where he had to learn how to respond, to move, to deal with problem solving, and overcome obstacles and challenges.
Katja – Beni’s mother who joined Beni to Tel Aviv says:
“Doing a therapy in Tel Aviv provides optimal conditions. You get access to the whole First Step team of experts, and the sessions are either held in very well equipped apartments, or just outdoors at the beach, or one of the many playgrounds. Being away from your routine life at home, ensures you can really focus on the therapy.”

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