My son is 3.5 months old, really doesn’t like lying on the belly. There are very few situations where he will, only on the diaper-changing table and only for a minute. I noticed that when his naked and I stroke his back it helps. This issue quite worries me. I’d appreciate advice. I don’t want to frustrate the child. Thank you.


I don’t see any reason to worry, only to gain tools to practice and improve your son’s learning, especially since you sense that he might experience frustration. It’s important to understand that in the baby’s development there’s much trial and error, there are challenging and not easy experiences that he must deal with, but are not necessarily frustrating but rather building ability and coping for the long term. Since we want him to have experiences of success I suggest repeating the fundamental exercises appearing in earlier answers with the addition of: 1. Any time you want to lay your son on his belly, first lay him on his back. And from the back roll him over to the belly. This way the position of his hands is more correct and lying on the belly and leaning on the elbows will be better. 2. Hold him in your arms in a cradling position (both hands brought closer to the face, bottom low, legs up). Alternately you can use a sling in a cradling position or a hammock. While cradling you can sit on the ball, this bouncing helps in case it’s hard for him to be cradled. Start with this and I’ll be happy to hear how things progress.