Roee is 3 months old and still does not lift his head and does not lean on his elbows. I’m working with him a lot, place him on the belly with every diaper change and after a few seconds he starts crying. Please what do I do? P.S. Roee is a very alert child and looks developed for his age but there’s an issue with the position on the belly.


It’s recommended that a baby will be on the belly from birth while awake (in combination with other positions). In the beginning he would lift his head a little, turn from side to side, and gradually the head lifting improves and with it bringing of the hands bellow the chest towards the body’s midline. At age 3 months the hands are still not placed independently under the chest. This skill is acquired around age 4 months and on. I believe the relevant exercises are listed in the previous answer. In addition, it’s important for him to lie on his back and sides as well. It’s recommended to avoid lying in a bouncer or baby seat beyond the safety needs in a vehicle. Since you are describing a very alert baby the carrying position of cradling in a fabric sling will greatly assist as well for calming and improving lying of the belly.