My daughter is 8 months old developed faster than usual. From age 5 months she started crawling on her belly fast, she lies on her side as well, at times also stand on 4 for a few seconds, rocking on hands and knees, sits steadily but only when we sit her down, she doesn’t crawl on hands and knees an doesn’t sit on her own, is there a reason to worry? Her caretaker says that she’s seated down for a month and a half, could that cause damage? I would like to ask for your response quickly. A worried mom.


You don’t have any reason to worry. It sounds like your daughter’s development is fine. At age 8 months it’s completely reasonable to start discovering standing on hands and knees and then crawling and sitting. By the proper order of development a baby stands on hands and knees, starts shifting weight backwards and forwards right and left and discovers the ability to move forward. He continues and experiments with weight shifting backwards and arrives at sitting. Don’t expect her to sit before she experiments enough on hands and knees. It’s not recommended to sit her down, it might hurt her self learning ability, in crawling on hands and knees, and her qualities of balance. Sitting her affixes her in place and doesn’t allow her independent transition to hands and knees. Likewise sitting creates an over use of leg spreading which may become permanent as a pattern and effect walking and her stability. there’s no use in rushing her unless there’s no progress during the next month. I recommend providing clear guidance in the issue of not sitting her down. Good luck, Tali Tzamir Levy, infant development trainer, “First Step.”