My daughter is 8.5 months old and trying to stand on everything coffee table couch and more, she stands up from hands and knees. The problem is that she stands on her tiptoes. How can I teach her to stand on her whole foot? Her development up to now was proper, she rolls to both sides, crawls on hands and knees and sits on her own.

Standing at a relatively early stage usually stems from over extension of the back. It’s possible to teach the back to be less erect, relax the back muscles and round the back. Likewise it’s possible to familiarize the baby with the use of the whole foot by sensation and touch. A few exercises: -On the back, lift the legs towards the face and back. Repeat a number of times. -Lift the pelvis, place a hand under her buttocks. With one hand hold her legs and with the other roll her pelvis towards her head. That way an elongation of the back muscles is created and mobility in the spine. Repeat a number of times. -Raise her pelvis on your leg. Light patting on the chest in order to release unnecessary muscle tension. -In this position you can go along the calves and provide touch of presses along the muscle in order to release muscle tension if existent. Likewise it’s good to provide touch to the foot: patting, pressing, with a flat surface press along the foot and press and wait to feel a push. Encourage pushing of the whole foot. -Lying on the back bend her knees. Affix feet to the floor (legs hip width apart), press and wait for a pushing of the feet and lifting of the pelvis. -Baby in arms facing outward (baby’s back against parent’s chest). Hold the thighs and lift the buttocks and pelvis so the back rounds. Move toward a wall, place feet against the wall and provide resistance towards the wall. Wait for the baby to push the wall. Repeat this a large number of times. It’s possible to later place in the same position placing the feet on the floor and let the baby feel the floor, push and rise up (with support). Good luck, Tali Tzamir Levy, infant development trainer, “First Step”.