My daughter is 3 months old and really dislikes lying on the belly. I would like to know if there’s a connection between this and walking in a too early age?


For our experience, most babies who start walking in an early age (pre 12 months) do it out of increased extension of the back muscles. When there is no balance between flexion and extension the baby’s mobility does not allow for rolling, belly crawling and sitting, and we witness babies who skip these important stages and proceed early to walking. A baby that doesn’t lie on his belly on his elbows restfully and is mainly on his back, or in an “airplane” position (arms and legs spread out in the air while lying on the belly) will mostly acquire a mold of over extension which later will most likely lead to early walking or at times to tip-toe walking. I hope I answered your question. I suggest practicing today when your daughter is young and improve her future development.