My daughter is 11 months old, she sits on her own, belly crawls but stands and rocks on her knees. She wouldn’t stand and straighten her legs when standing her up yet when she plays around a high place she looks up wanting to stand and pulls herself to standing on her knees. Are there exercises to


According to your description it’s unclear whether your daughter crawls on hands and knees? Does she stand on her knees by herself and lets her hands go? Does she pull herself to standing on her feet? How does her belly crawling look, opposite arm and leg or otherwise? Generally there is no point in standing your daughter up before she stands up on her own. Your daughter should practice skills of balance gradually. Many experiences of crawling, standing on hands and knees, standing on the knees at her age will strengthen her muscle tone (in case it’s a little weak) and will improve her balance. This will prepare her for standing. Standing her up now can create a dependency on you, the parents, and only lower her self-confidence and abilities. In the case she doesn’t crawl on hands and knees there’s importance in focused practicing of this subject since it’s an important stage for strengthening the balance system, the shoulders a moment before the baby moves on to standing and walking. Write me back with reference to the questions I posed, and I’ll respond as soon as possible. Tali Tzamir Levy, First Step Trainer.