Home Exercise for Parents and Babies

How long should parents practice the home exercises?

We recommend practicing at least once a day for 15 to 30 minutes, and the minimum for effective practice is three times a week.first step 3
In fact you can practice without restriction, as long as baby cooperates and is having fun.
While there’s no such thing as “too much” practicing, baby must be willing to take part and should show that the practice is enjoyable.
There are no limitations on the practice exercises, because we base them on the natural development of infants.

How long does it take until improvement is noticeable?

The answer depends on the progress made by baby and the amount of practice that you do at home.
Sometimes a major improvement is visible after one meeting, and in other cases improvement is seen gradually. For example:

A10 month old baby who came for a lesson because he was not crawling. The diagnosis revealed the problems – the baby was not ready to grasp his feet, and he also found it hard to hold objects while lying on his back. We know that crawling is made up of prior stages – one of which is grasping.

After one lesson, we see an improvement in grasping objects – and this is a significant improvement towards proper crawling, even if actually happens some weeks later.

Lessons at First Step help babies relearn developmental functions that they did not achieve previously, and to reacquire components that will allow the “higher” function to be fulfilled.