Developmental delays at age 9 – 12 months

  • Baby doesn’t stand on his hands and knees, doesn’t sit down or stand up.
  • Baby hasn’t crawled on his tummy so far, and starts crawling on hands and knees without progressing through Indian crawl.
  • Baby doesn’t sit unassisted by age 10 months.first step 13
  • ommunication problems: exaggerated anxiety about strangers, difficulty in creating eye contact, exaggerated alarm over new environments.
  • Babies who have difficulty in transitioning from sitting to standing and vice versa, or from sitting to crawling and vice versa
  • A baby who doesn’t make any attempts to stand up.

Aged 12 months and over:

  • A baby who doesn’t crawl on hands and knees, and does not sit down or stand up.
  • Babies who stand up but find it very hard to maintain balance.
  • Problems with or anxiety about walking.
  • Difficulties in communication and socializing – with strangers, other children, or at home.
  • Baby walks, but tends to fall frequently.