Mila – Born August 2007, in Lugano, Switzerland

Mila facebookMila was born with the rare ‘Flat Brain’ syndrome.
At age two and a half, she had an extensive developmental delay, did not talk, just emitted monotonous sounds and expressed herself in basic ways, like laughter and crying. She was sensitive to contact, voices, and odours, was artificially fed through a PEG tube, and for most of the day sat without moving. After two weeks of an intensive process, Mila started crawling on her belly, and today she walks with support, and communicates better with her environment.

“It was and still is a fundamental experience for Mila’s development. Two years ago Mila did not move from a sitting position, now she walks with the support of a hand. It was a difficult and long journey, which is not yet completed. The First Step method has led us and allowed us to get where we are now”.

Anna Sarnelli and Dario Bonetti