Enrico – Born June 2006, in Zurich, Switzerland

Throughout Enrico’s first year of life, his parents felt that something
was not in order with his development. Enrico and Thomas
Medical tests showed that all the relevant parameters for development were good. At eighteen months, he was diagnosed with epilepsy. When we met Enrico at the age of three, his levels of development – communicative, language, and sensory-motor – were quite low. He had substantial difficulty in adapting to life and basic functions, as well as extensive behavioural difficulties.

We embarked on a therapeutic process that lasted for two years – and today Enrico has closed the gaps with his peers, and attends a regular school, without assistance.


“Enrico and we as parents went through an incredible process during the last three years of therapy with Shai and his team. The change in our life and the progress of Enrico’s development has been enormous. From a 3 years old child who was not talking and motorically insecure, we have a very social and talkative young school boy! To us this is a gift for life.”

Francesca and Thomas Bohner