Loane – Born August 2005, in Lausanne, Switzerland – Complex V deficiency Mitochondrial

Loane was born with a rare genetic syndrome – Complex V deficiency Family Portrait ?????? ?????
Mitochondrial disease. At the age of 5 and a half, she couldn’t walk and didn’t talk,
except the word “no”.

She sat in the W-position, crawled using six-points, or propelled herself on her bottom. Today, after a number of developmental processes, Loane is walking almost freely. Even when she falls down she knows how to get up on her own, she plays with other children, understands everything, is able to explain herself – and her progress surprises the doctors and teachers at school.

“Before this therapy, Loane was as if in a

shell. In Tel Aviv the shell was broken and

Loane became open to the world around

her – she is cheerful and happy with life.

That was not the case during her first

years of life”.

Sandra and Christophe Corpataux

Watch the video with the story of Loane